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  • Hire bike or own bike?

    The bicycles on board are mostly traditional touring bicycles (ladies’ models) with 7 gears, hand brake and/or pedal brake and saddle bags (for Croatia and France: 21 gears and hand breaks). Hire prices for other bicycles (like children’s bicycles, tandems, ‘Slipstreamers’ and so on) and/or children’s seats are available on request. You are permitted to bring your own bicycle (at no extra cost) on most larger boats, except for the ones in Italy. On most trips you can bring and charge your electric bicycle. Please find out whether or not this is possible before booking your holiday. The owner of the ship, crew or tour operator are in no way responsible for any damage, loss or theft to your bicycle.
  • Are cycling helmets compulsory?

    All cyclists in Spain, Turkey and Croatia are required by law to wear helmets. In Italy children up to and including 16 years of age are required by law to wear helmets, in Austria children up to and including 12, in Slovakia for children up to and including 14 and for everyone cycling outside of residential areas. In all other countries wearing a helmet is recommended, but not compulsory. If you want to wear a helmet, we advise you to buy your own and bring it with you.
  • What is the tour guide’s role aboard?

    Every evening, after dinner, next day’s cycle rides are discussed. In the Netherlands this talk will be held in Dutch, English and German.

    Individual, not guided bicycle tours in Netherlands

    You ride your daily stage individually and at their own pace using detailed maps and directions. The tour guide is by bike on the road and always available for emergencies via cell phone.

    Individual, unaccompanied travel outside Netherlands

    You ride at your own pace with maps and directions, the tour operator or crew on board is available for emergencies by mobile phone

    Guided tours

    You ride every day in a group led by an experienced and locally known guide. Tours outside the Netherlands are not always accompanied by an English tour guides; English and / or German spoken in each case. Information about the tour of your choice upon request.

  • Come faccio a raggiungere il punto d'imbarco?

    Dopo aver prenotato la vostra vacanza, vi invieremo tutte le informazioni dettagliate su come viaggiare fino alle vostre destinazioni in auto, treno o aereo, e come raggiungere il luogo di attracco della vostra barca. Riceverete informazioni su dove parcheggiare la vostra auto. Per alcune destinazioni potrete prenotare il parcheggio in anticipo. Se si utilizza il proprio mezzo di trasporto – con l'eccezione di Venezia – vi raccomandiamo di guidare fino alla nave prima di scaricare i vostri bagagli e le vostre bici, e successivamente parcheggiare l'auto. Per i viaggi che terminano in un porto diverso da quello di partenza, sono disponibili trasferimenti fino al porto di partenza.
  • Parking in Amsterdam

    When arriving in Amsterdam by car, we advise you to use the Parking Service. You can choose from Self Parking or Valet parking.

    Self parking

    With Self Parking you also drive your car directly to the ship and check in your luggage, where after you drive to our secured parking area. A shuttle bus then takes you back to the ship. At your return date, your shuttle bus will be waiting for you at the ship’s location and takes you back to the parking site, where your car is already awaiting you.

    Valet parking

    A driver is awaiting you in front of the ship and helps you with your luggage. This professional driver drives your car to a 24/7 secured parking area where your car is stored under camera surveillance. Upon your return, your car will be ready for you in front of the ship so you can drive home immediately.

    Make sure that you have a parking spot in Amsterdam. The best way to do this is to make a reservation at Boat Bike Tours, because that does not only give you a guarantee for a parking spot, but your car is also safe at a reasonable price while last minute parking is unnecessary just like using public transport or a cab. is the largest Valet Parking company around Amsterdam Airport and Cruise Terminal Amsterdam and cooperates with many international tour operators and airlines and is insured against damages.

    For more information click here.
    Have you already booked a trip with us just fill in this form and we will contact you.

  • Le vacanze in bicicletta e barca sono adatte ai bambini?

    Tutti i viaggi sono adatti ai bambini. Tuttavia, si prega di essere sicuri che i vostri bambini possano percorrere in bicicletta tra i 30 e i 60 kilometri al giorno. Naturalmente, potete rimanere a bordo della nave per un giorno o più. I bambini che non abbiano ancora compiuto 18 anni devono essere accompagnati da un adulto.  
  • Preferenze alimentari

    Se avete delle preferenze alimentari (pasti vegetariani, diete prive di lattosio o glutine), siete allora pregati di comunicarlo al momento della prenotazione. Le opzioni vegetariane sono sempre disponibili, mentre per tutti gli altri casi si provvederà a controllare le possibilità per il viaggio selezionato. In alcuni casi si potrebbe applicare un costo aggiuntivo; sopratutto nei casi di pasti privi di lattosio o glutine.
  • Come sarà la mia camera?

    Tutte le cabine (le vostre camere a bordo) dispongono di bagni privati con doccia, water e lavandino. Le cabine doppie hanno quasi sempre due letti singoli, solo alcune cabine hanno il letto matrimoniale e altre il letto a castello.

    Cabine singole, cabine per tre o quattro persone o cabine localizzate al piano superiore non sono sempre disponibili (dipende dalla zona del viaggio selezionato e dalla nave). Su richiesta, vi possiamo informare di tale disponibilità. Le cabine per 3 o 4 persone hanno solitamente dei letti a castello. Le cabine localizzate al piano superiore sono più costose di quelle ai piani inferiori. Siete pregati di tenere in considerazione che lo spazio all'interno di una barca è limitato.

  • E' consentito fumare?

    La parte interna della nave è una zona non fumatori: fumare è consentito solamente sul ponte. Come misura di sicurezza, il divieto di fumare si applica in tutte le cabine; questo significa che tutte le cabine e le camere a bordo sono zone non fumatori.
  • Sono ammessi gli animali?

    Ci dispiace, ma gli animali non sono ammessi a bordo.
  • C'è un servizio di lavanderia a bordo?

    Se volete lavare i vostri vestiti, potete farlo in diversi posti sulla terraferma. A bordo non è possibile usare la lavatrice.
  • Tour operator / Viaggio con partner

    Boat Bike Tours è il tour operator per i viaggi senza l'etichetta di ‘viaggio con partner’.Boat Bike Tours si occupa solamente delle prenotazioni dei viaggi dei partner, queste sono gestite da tour operator stranieri, o qualche volta partner contrattuali.  
  • How does the booking process works on this website?

    Every trip has its own page of details. On the left hand side you will find extensive travel information and photos, and on the right hand side the cabin types and availability. If you click on a cabin type, a calendar will pop up with the available dates including the price per person. Select your travel date and click on the green arrow down the bottom to reserve the trip.

    Step 1: reservation process

    A new window will open with an overview of the chosen trip on the right.
    Fill in the number of people top left. You can also reserve a hire bike, tell us about your dietary requirements and select one or more types of insurance.
    The total price of the reservation (including €15 reservation costs) will be calculated on the right.
    Click on ‘Next’ to go to step 2.

    Step 2: personal data

    You fill in your personal information here such as your name and address.
    Click on ‘Next’ to go to step 3.

    Step 3: overview

    An overview of you personal information and the fee. If you want to make any changes, click on step 1 or step 2. When you have checked everything, check the ‘Terms and Conditions’ box. You can also add yourself to the Boat Bike Tours mailing list, and receive the newsletter with all the last minute deals, new trips and other interesting news about once a month.
    Click on the green button that says ‘Confirm booking’ to confirm your booking. You will receive a confirmation email of your booking.

    We will receive your reservation request. First we will check availability, after that you will receive a confirmation email with the bill included.

  • Period of consideration

    Because we comply with the General Conditions of, you have an automatic maximum of 14 days to consider your booking. Within this timeframe, you can cancel any reservations made via our website free of charge.
  • Down payment

    After making the booking you will receive a travel confirmation and a bill. Usually you will have to pay 40% of the travel fee when booking and the 60% additional costs approximately 6 weeks before your departure date. You will find the details on your travel confirmation.
  • Reservation costs

    An extra €15 per booking will be charged for reservation costs. These costs will be added to the grand total at the end.
  • VAT

    All prices are including VAT.
  • Terms and Conditions

    Boat Bike Tours’ Terms and Conditions are applicable to all our cycling/sailing holidays and all the related travel arrangements and confirmations. If you book a trip with us these conditions will become part of the travel arrangement. If any deviating stipulations are applicable to your booking, you will be informed of that fact by us in writing before you book the trip or when you are booking it. Your confirmation is binding. Timetables and other information are subject to change, for example due to metrological, technical or nautical reasons.


  • Insurance

    We advise you to look into our casualty, baggage or cancellation insurance (if you have not already got continuing travel insurance, of course). Please note that most insurance companies demand that cancellation insurance is arranged at the same time or shortly after you book your holiday.
  • Reclami

    Sebbene noi facciamo del nostro meglio per assicurare che i vostri viaggi siano della massima qualità, nel caso in cui non foste soddisfatti siete pregati di informare il capitano immediatamente. Il capitano farà tutto ciò che è in suo potere per risolvere il problema. Se ci fossero dei reclami dopo il viaggio, siete pregati di comunicarlo a Boat Bike Tours BV per iscritto (per lettera, e-mail o fax). Faremo in modo di rispondervi in 14 giorni approssimativamente, e qualora necessario la questione verrà discussa con il capitano. Se il reclamo non dovesse essere stato risolto in maniera soddisfacente e in tempo, o se non ci fosse stata una riparazione o un rimborso al riguardo, il viaggiatore può, se necessario, presentare il reclamo per iscritto entro i tre mesi successivi alla fine del viaggio (data originale di partenza) a: Geschillencommissie Reizen, Postbus 90600, 2509 LP in Den Haag (